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Fighting Cancers Today and Tomorrow

While a magic bullet to treat cancer has never materialized, physicians today have a better understanding of their etiology and more advanced detection and treatment options. Experts from the Chesapeake region discuss the progress in treating these three carcinomas.

The State of Transplants

Medical experts from the Chesapeake region discuss how pre-clinical trials are benefiting a wide range of transplants, and what’s new and exciting in liver transplantation.

Keeping Populations Healthier

As CMS and other payers push providers to shift from fee-for-service to population-health based payments, physicians are seeking models that work in this new environment. A number of innovative approaches are underway in Maryland, DC and northern Virginia.

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Developing Physician Leaders for Tomorrow

As healthcare delivery models become more complex, and reimbursement transitions from fee-for-service to population health-based approaches, strong physician leadership is more essential than ever.

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Under Vaccinated! Teens & Seniors at Risk

In addition to ensuring that patients are receiving vaccines for infectious diseases like chicken pox and measles, physicians can encourage many more teens and seniors to take advantage of newer vaccines to combat HPV and shingles. Our experts explain.

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Developing Physician Leaders for Tomorrow


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