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Under Vaccinated! Teens & Seniors at Risk


In addition to ensuring that patients are receiving vaccines for infectious diseases like chicken pox and measles, physicians can encourage many more teens and seniors to take advantage of newer vaccines to combat HPV and shingles. Our experts explain.

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The State of Transplants


Medical experts from the Chesapeake region discuss how pre-clinical trials are benefiting a wide range of transplants, and what’s new and exciting in liver transplantation.

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Evolution in Orthopaedic Treatment


Orthopaedic experts explain the advantages of zero profile devices for cervical fusion, discuss new challenges and therapies in pediatric bone health and describe how to get the most from physical therapy referrals.

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Rethinking Proper Splinting and Concussion Treatment


A recent University of Maryland study found that 93% of splints for pediatric fractures are applied improperly, and a neurologist explains that a uniform clinical algorithm doesn’t exit for treating concussions, with a discussion on why rest may not be the best approach.

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Women’s Health Roundup


Our experts discuss the growing options for breast reconstruction, including free tissue transfer, as well as non-surgical options for cosmetic procedures. They also discuss why pelvic pain, which affects nearly half of women, should not be dismissed.

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Bariatric Surgery: An Underutilized Tool

March/April 2015

Obesity has proven one of the least tractable health issues, with only about 1% of those using traditional medical and lifestyle changes to lose weight able to keep it off long term. Studies show that bariatric surgery not only can maintain weight loss, but also can positively impact metabolic syndrome and other associated conditions.

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Caring for Advanced Complex Illnesses


As U.S. life expectancy increases, so does the number of those living with disabilities. As a result, physicians are treating more patients with advanced complex illnesses (ACI). Our experts discuss how to provide compassionate, anticipatory care for these patients and their families.

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New Insights Into Autism

The CDC estimates that 1% of the world population has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and its prevalence is growing at an alarming rate. New studies highlight the importance of early screening and intervention, and indicate that those with ASD may lack the normal pruning of neural connections.

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Managing Pain, Avoiding Addiction

With opiate abuse and deaths a growing problem, physicians have a responsibility to help patients manage pain without contributing to the trend. Physicians discuss how Maryland’s PDMP can help flag abuse and they offer alternatives to opioids.

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Tomosynthesis: Better Detection of Breast Cancer

Maryland mammographers discuss how their experience and a recent study indicate that tomosynthesis, the newer 3D approach to mammography, detects more crucial breast cancers while reducing callbacks.

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