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Bariatric Surgery: An Underutilized Tool

March/April 2015

Obesity has proven one of the least tractable health issues, with only about 1% of those using traditional medical and lifestyle changes to lose weight able to keep it off long term. Studies show that bariatric surgery not only can maintain weight loss, but also can positively impact metabolic syndrome and other associated conditions.

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Caring for Advanced Complex Illnesses


As U.S. life expectancy increases, so does the number of those living with disabilities. As a result, physicians are treating more patients with advanced complex illnesses (ACI). Our experts discuss how to provide compassionate, anticipatory care for these patients and their families.

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New Insights Into Autism

The CDC estimates that 1% of the world population has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and its prevalence is growing at an alarming rate. New studies highlight the importance of early screening and intervention, and indicate that those with ASD may lack the normal pruning of neural connections.

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Managing Pain, Avoiding Addiction

With opiate abuse and deaths a growing problem, physicians have a responsibility to help patients manage pain without contributing to the trend. Physicians discuss how Maryland’s PDMP can help flag abuse and they offer alternatives to opioids.

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Tomosynthesis: Better Detection of Breast Cancer

Maryland mammographers discuss how their experience and a recent study indicate that tomosynthesis, the newer 3D approach to mammography, detects more crucial breast cancers while reducing callbacks.

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Enhancing Diagnostic Accuracy

An explosion in the types and complexity of diagnostic tests makes it challenging for physicians to order and interpret with confidence. Here’s a guide for ensuring more accurate diagnoses without running into reimbursement issues.

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Eating Disorders: The Illness of Secrets

Millions of Americans are estimated to have an eating disorder, a serious constellation of conditions that entail extreme attitudes and behaviors related to food and weight. Experts explain why these disorders are trending younger and how treatment has evolved.

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Women’s Health Update

Preconception planning for diabetic women, growing data on the value of prophylactic oophorectomies and the DNA test as a possible alternative to the Pap test are featured in this issue’s women’s health update.

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Managing The Inflamed Gut

Maryland gastroenterologists explain how to better manage the inflammation in Crohn’s and celiac disease and how to help women with inflammatory bowel disease through pregnancy and childbirth.

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Genomics Advances: The Quest for Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine is hardly new, but major advances in are paving the way for a more sophisticated approach to personalized medicine. Learn how these developments may affect your medical practice.

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