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Undescended Testes: Less Imaging and Early Referral Reduces Cost, Risk and Other Problems

Robert A. Mevorach, MD, FSPU, FAAP

Early detection of undescended testicles, cryptorchidism, occurs in 2-5% of term infants and up to 30% of premature male, causing a five-fold increase in testicular cancer risk. Learn how early referral can reduce imaging, cost, risk and medical problems.

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Bariatric Surgery: Safe and Effective

Barry Greene, MD, FACS, FASMBS, medical director of Bariatric Surgery at Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center and a surveyor for the MBSAQIP, describes how bariatric surgery overwhelmingly has been proven to be effective and safe when performed at an MBSAQIP-accredited center. He describes the case of a 66 year old man whose BMI went from 54 to 29 following bariatric surgery, and advocates for offering bariatric surgery to suitable patients who have not achieved and maintained significant weight and comorbidity improvement with nonsurgical treatment.

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Preventing Amputation With Surgical Foot Reconstruction

By: Normal A. Siddiqui, DPM, MHA A 60-year-old female with a history of Type 2 diabetes, neuropathy and high blood pressure related that she had developed a non-healing sore after she noticed her “arch collapsed” a year earlier. She had seen multiple doctors but had not had any success healing her open wound. She was […]

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Spinal Cord Stimulation: Alternative to Pain Medication

SUDHIR R. RAO, MD Case: A 51-year-old woman presented with severe lower-back and leg pain that had been taking a toll on her life since she had fallen down a flight of stairs nearly five years earlier. Despite multiple treatments with NSAIDs, physical therapy and lumbar spine surgery, she continued to report intolerable pain. While […]

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Genetic Testing for Lynch Syndrome

CHRISTY HAAKONSEN, ScM, CGC CASE Sarah is a 49-year-old woman with an extensive family history of gastrointestinal cancer. Her brother was diagnosed with colon cancer at 34. Her father was diagnosed with an adenocarcinoma of the cecum at age 45 and died from metastases at 47. Her paternal uncle developed colon cancer in his 30s […]

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Collagenase Injection: An Alternative to Surgery for Dupuytren’s Contracture

JESSICA BROWN, MD Case A 49-year-old woman with blue eyes and fair skin presented with severe Dupuytren’s contracture of her little finger. She first noted thickening of her palmar fascia and a nodule in her 30s. She had a positive family history of Dupuytren’s that included her father, brother and several cousins. At the time […]

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Genetic Testing for Ovarian Cancer

ALBERT STEREN, MD CASE Julia is a 49-year-old woman with a significant family history of gynecologic and breast cancer. Julia’s mother was diagnosed with epithelial ovarian cancer at age 52 and died of complications of treatment only six months after her cancer diagnosis. Julia’s maternal aunt (her mother’s younger sister) was diagnosed with breast cancer […]

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Body Contouring Following Bariatric Surgery

RACHEL BLUEBOND-LANGNER, MD Twenty-three-year-old TJ has struggled with his weight throughout his life. TJ tried to diet and exercise but this was not working. He consulted with the team of physicians at the University of Maryland Center for Weight Management and Wellness in Baltimore, and enrolled in their comprehensive program. He eventually underwent a sleeve […]

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30 Years of Progress in Treating Cardiovascular Disease


I first met ‘Fred’ when he was 32 years old, with his first inferior myocardial infarct (MI). We treated him with streptokinase within two hours of chest pain onset. His ejection fraction (EF) remained intact. However, this tale really started many years before that MI. Fred remembers going to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) […]

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Current Awareness and Treatment of Critical Limb Ischemia

A 59-year-old male laborer presented with a non-healing, left great-toe ulcer. He also described severe rest-pain in his same forefoot. His past history was significant for insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM), hypertension, dyslipidemia, renal insufficiency, obesity and 40 pack/years of smoking. […]

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