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MedChi’s 2016 Legislative Agenda: Focused on Medicaid, Insurance,Tort Reform

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The 2016 General Assembly Session is under way, and MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society, and many physicians in the Chesapeake Physician community have common legislative goals which align with the mission of MedChi — to serve as Maryland’s foremost advocate and resource for physicians, their patients, and the public health.

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AMA Launches Silicon Valley Integrated Innovation Company, Health2047

Opens Opportunities for Physicians to Engage in the Innovation of Products That Improve the Delivery of Care to Patients Building on its historic commitment to advance the practice of medicine and improve public health, the American Medical Association (AMA) has announced that it is investing $15M to become founding partner of a healthcare innovation company – Health2047, Inc. […]

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New Technology Means Better Management and Lower Costs

In 2014, the Affordable Care Act expanded health coverage to millions of Americans. In 2015, healthcare spending in the U.S. grew an average of six percent each quarter. In 2016, the demand for healthcare services will continue to rise as more people have insurance. Along with the increased demand for services, you’re also experiencing increased pressure to deliver high […]

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Enhancing Your Medical Practice with Telehealth Services and Technology

elehealth uses remote healthcare technology to evaluate, diagnose and monitor patients and electronically prescribe medications

By Randi Kopf, RN, MS, JD The use of healthcare technology (often referred to as telemedicine, telehealth, eHealth or eHealthcare) has provided clinical medicine services and performed remote robotic surgery with the surgeon in the U.S. and their patient on the other side of the world for over 30 years. Yet many physicians are not […]

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Preventing Amputation With Surgical Foot Reconstruction

Surgical foot reconstruction can prevent amputation in diabetic patients

By: Normal A. Siddiqui, DPM, MHA A 60-year-old female with a history of Type 2 diabetes, neuropathy and high blood pressure related that she had developed a non-healing sore after she noticed her “arch collapsed” a year earlier. She had seen multiple doctors but had not had any success healing her open wound. She was […]

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Addictions Under Attack

Physicians have created a new medical subspecialty to tackle growing addiction rates

Addictions are beginning to overshadow other chronic diseases. The rise of addiction in American society underscores the need for medical professionals who are fully trained to diagnose, treat and be agents of change for substance and comorbid abuse.

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The Rise of Direct Primary Care

Michael Freedman uses the direct primary care model to keep costs low for patients

Today there’s a new option for physicians and patients that embraces the best of outpatient/primary care and is typically more affordable for consumers – direct primary care. This model charges a much lower monthly fee than concierge medicine and may allow consumers to purchase only catastrophic health insurance.

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Under Vaccinated! Teens & Seniors at Risk

Susan Peeler, MD, recommends all boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 26 receive the HPV vaccine

In addition to ensuring that patients are receiving vaccines for infectious diseases like chicken pox and measles, physicians can encourage many more teens and seniors to take advantage of newer vaccines to combat HPV and shingles. Our experts explain.

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Maryland’s Newest Medicine Medical Marijuana

Medical cannabis can offer relief for patients undergoing chemotherapy

By the end of 2016, medical cannabis (marijuana) is likely to become available as a new therapeutic measure for Maryland doctors. Del. Dan Morhaim, MD and Gene Ransom, MedChi CEO, discuss why physicians should not fear prescribing medical cannabis to appropriate patients.

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Reducing Cardiovascular Risk

Henry Tran, a cardiologist, advises more exercise and a better diet to reduce cardiovascular risk

Cardiovascular experts discuss new guidelines to lower blood pressure, improved transcatheter aortic valve replacement and implantable monitoring of arrhythmias after cryptogenic stroke are reducing risk and improving lives.

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