Welcome to Maryland Physician Magazine! I’m thrilled to have you visit our site. Don’t let my Mona Lisa-esque serene photo fool you. If my photo was a true depiction, it’d be a blur of motion. It’s been an incredible few months getting to this point. There are a number people who have been unwavering with their support and work getting Maryland Physician launched in print and online.

Once I decided that I was really going to push off for this thrilling black diamond run of launching a magazine in print and online, my very first call was to Linda Harder, Maryland Physician editor. Linda and I came up with a list of potential names for this endeavor. We tested them out on each other – listening to how each name sounded and how it looked in print. I’m pretty sure I tossed out Linda’s suggested “Maryland Physician Magazine” almost immediately. After innumerable subsequent ideas, I just kept going back to it. I added the tag-line, “Your practice. Your life.” and decided it was perfect.

I first met Maryland Physician Art Director Kim VanDyke years ago while working together on a lifestyle magazine. I immediately loved her style and her grace under pressure. She was my second call. Online publishing is dynamic, relatively immediate and eco-friendly but it just doesn’t capture the beauty of design, photography, text and paper. Read through Maryland Physician’s digital edition and get it in print, you’ll agree.

Calm and brilliant Digital Wizard Andrei Palmer. I brought Andrei an online magazine concept sketched on two flimsy taped–up pieces of paper, eraser marks and smudges included. Andrei took my concept, translated my ideas so that even I could understand them and built a really terrific looking and easy to navigate website with, as far as I can tell, technical wizardry.

Balls were in the air and some in place so I then put together an advisory board which has provided editorial and design development feedback, suggestions and support along with some sage business advice. Thank you to Karen Cousins-Brown, D.O.; Gene Ransom; John Barry, M.D.; Stacy Fisher, M.D.; Holly Dahlman, M.D.; Paul Davies, M.D.; Regina Hampton, M.D.; Danilo Espinola, M.D., Michael Epstein, M.D. and Erwin Abrams.

Thank you to the truly impressive Maryland physicians, hospital leaders and healthcare stakeholders who’ve contributed to the first issue’s content. I sincerely appreciate the “You go, girl!” and encouragement you’ve shared with me.

Thank you to photographers Mark Molesky and Tracey Brown, writers Tracy Fitzgerald and Allison Eatough and Printer-Dude Rob Dauses. Thank you to the charter advertisers in print and online – all of whom have been cheerleaders along the way.

I got that mojo workn’ and can’t wait to see what comes next!

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