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Reducing Cardiovascular Risk

Cardiovascular experts discuss new guidelines to lower blood pressure, improved transcatheter aortic valve replacement and implantable monitoring of arrhythmias after cryptogenic stroke are reducing risk and improving lives.

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Proactive Approaches for Treating Diabetes

An astonishing 29 million Americans have diabetes, although a decline in the incidence of new cases since 2009 provides hope for progress. Our medical experts discuss how technology can be harnessed to provide better monitoring and care, the role of wound care centers, and effective treatments for lower extremity ulcers.

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Maryland’s Newest Medicine Medical Marijuana

By the end of 2016, medical cannabis (marijuana) is likely to become available as a new therapeutic measure for Maryland doctors. Del. Dan Morhaim, MD and Gene Ransom, MedChi CEO, discuss why physicians should not fear prescribing medical cannabis to appropriate patients.

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The Rise of Direct Primary Care

Today there’s a new option for physicians and patients that embraces the best of outpatient/primary care and is typically more affordable for consumers – direct primary care. This model charges a much lower monthly fee than concierge medicine and may allow consumers to purchase only catastrophic health insurance.

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Addictions Under Attack

Addictions are beginning to overshadow other chronic diseases. The rise of addiction in American society underscores the need for medical professionals who are fully trained to diagnose, treat and be agents of change for substance and comorbid abuse.

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