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The Medical Home Gets a Neighborhood

The Patient-Centered Medical Home concept has become part of a neighborhood that includes specialists and urgent care centers. Learn about the Patient-Centered Specialty Practice and Patient-Centered Connected Care recognition programs, as well as changes to PCMH.

The State of Transplants

Medical experts from the Chesapeake region discuss how pre-clinical trials are benefiting a wide range of transplants, and what’s new and exciting in liver transplantation.

Evolution in Orthopaedic Treatment

Orthopaedic experts explain the advantages of zero profile devices for cervical fusion, discuss new challenges and therapies in pediatric bone health and describe how to get the most from physical therapy referrals.

Moving Toward Interoperability

Healthcare is perennially behind other industries in information technology. With the early stages of electronic data behind us, our experts discuss the challenges of connecting disparate systems and how a new vendor alliance may be part of the solution.

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Today’s Skilled Nursing Facility: Not Your Parents’ Nursing Home

Joe DeMattos, Jr., MA, head of HFAM, discusses how long-term care facilities have changed and how they can keep patients healthier while reducing healthcare system costs.

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