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Women Physicians: Leading the Way

This year’s annual feature story on women physicians who are exceptional leaders in their field includes the president of the D.C. medical society, the founding director of the Rodham Institute, and the critical care medical director for a major hospital system. Learn their secrets for success.

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Optimizing for an Independent Practice

Experts discuss how optimizing practice operations, leveraging technology and effective marketing can allow physicians to remain in independent practice. They also reveal how joining an association of independent physicians, MSO-like entities or the right clinically independent network (CIN) can help.

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Women’s Health Update: Better Detection of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Endometriosis

Often considered in the past to be psychosomatic conditions, and challenging to diagnose, the medical profession is now getting a better handle on detecting chronic fatigue syndrome and endometriosis – two common conditions affecting women’s health.

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Can Your Practice Survive a Medicare Enrollment Screening?

Surprisingly few physicians understand the risk of a Medicare revocation of their billing privileges. Learn how to avoid this increasingly costly mistake.

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Complex Conditions in Children

Rising rates of children with ADHD and other complex conditions are challenging physicians who care for children to raise the bar in their management practices. Area pediatric specialists offer their advice.

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Selling Your Medical Practice

Learn how you can sell your medical practice to achieve better results for both you and your patients.

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