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Fighting for Better Health

If anyone can take on Baltimore City residents’ many health issues, it’s Baltimore City Health Commissioner Leana Wen, MD. When she’s not giving TED talks, you can likely find her encouraging physicians to minimize opiate use, teaching people how to prevent heroin deaths, or seeking new ways to reduce violence.

Addictions Under Attack

Learn how physicians can help to tackle the growing addiction rates in the US – from creating a new medical subspecialty to avoiding opioids to treat chronic pain, to recognizing and treating comorbid substance abuse in patients with eating disorders.

Tailoring Healthcare to Seniors

Today’s healthcare providers are increasingly aware of effective strategies to deal with the special needs of older adults. Specialized emergency departments and surgical screenings for seniors do a better job detecting and treating issues, while physicians are seeking to prevent common keep their patients healthier.

Under Vaccinated! Teens & Seniors at Risk

In addition to ensuring that patients are receiving vaccines for infectious diseases like chicken pox and measles, physicians can encourage many more teens and seniors to take advantage of newer vaccines to combat HPV and shingles. Our experts explain.

Lessons on the Road to Entrepreneurship

A growing number of doctors are becoming entrepreneurs – either while keeping their ‘day job’ or moving away from treating patients. Three physicians share their stories – including launching a successful app-based service that fills last-minute vacancies and starting a medical device company – and their advice.

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